It might be cold out, but that doesn't stop us from getting out and building more projects!

This fully insulated doghouse was our latest project. It is insulated from roof to floor, there is a wind block inside to help keep it warm, the roof hinges open so that it is easy to clean out, the roof is metal, we put smart siding on the sides, it is custom built to the customers specifications, and constructed with 2"x4"s. 

We hope you like it!

This is one of our more basic sheds. It is an 8'x12' shed that is being used to store feed on a farm. The customer had issues with rodents getting into their previous shed, so we layered chicken wire underneath the sub floor to deter pests from getting in. We also wired it with an outlet and a light.

Due to the occasional warm winter days, the guys were able to complete this shed recently! 

It is a 10' by 12' shed, with 7' high sidewalls and a gambrel roof with an overhang. It has vinyl siding, which was color matched to the house. A 6' steel, roll-up door with a full loft inside. There are five single-hung windows and one octagon window in the loft. 

This has been a fascinating project! The customers asked us to take out their existing porch and deck, to add on a new addition to the house.

This addition includes a beautiful sun room with oak walls and ceiling, tiled floors and tiled wrap around bench seating/storage. Then, underneath the sun room is a garden room/shed. Finally, off of the sun room is their new deck that was made with Ipe wood and includes the nice wrap around stairs. 

We hope you enjoy viewing this, as it is a true example of the many skills and techniques we can utilize to create your dream project!

On this project, we replaced the 6"x6" posts and beam on the existing porch, because they were twisting. Then we screened in the porch and added a 12'x15' deck beside it. We also built steps off of the deck and framed in a screened door from the existing porch to the deck.

This beautiful gazebo was built using a kit that the customer had chosen. It is made of cedar and is a 30' dodecagon. We added custom benches all the way around the interior of the gazebo. 

We enjoyed getting to use a crane to install all the roof pieces and working with the customer to design the customized cedar benches! Personally working with customers to custom design pieces is one of our specialties, and one of the most enjoyable parts of this job!

We had fun designing this tree made from old barn wood for a project in Solon. We know that sheds might not be on your mind during this cold winter season, but who doesn't like a cool yard decoration that fits the season?! 

Steve also added the star and greenery with lights to spruce it up. We think it is pretty neat. This is one of the best parts of the job, creating something new!

Here we tore out the customers old door and replaced it with a high quality door and storm door. We then added Westbury railing.

We had the pleasure of receiving another mid winter job! We are so thankful for these warm weather breaks and the ability to work in all seasons!

This shed had T1-11 plywood siding on it that was rotting, as well as needed paint every year. Our job was to create a maintenance free shed that was rid of all mold.

So, we cut out and replaced all of the rotted wood, wrapped the shed in TyVec house wrap, and then installed metal soffit and facia, as well as the new vinyl siding. 

This shed had neighborhood requirements to match the siding color of the house, which is one thing we specialize in since all of our sheds are personalized to fit the customers needs! 

Another thing the customer requested was to put on new doors. The original doors were not sealed properly and were also rotting. We rebuilt heavy duty doors that seal well and also have quality hardware and hinges. We installed an interior door pin, lock pin, and exterior lock clasp. 

We hope you enjoy reading about this residing project, let us know what you think through our contact page, or if you have a shed that is in need of repairs!

Custom Designs to suite your needs!

Here you can find what we are currently working on, as well as, see the variety in projects that we are able to create for our customers! We hope that this can give you some inspiration, while also showing the many skills we use each day.

This customer needed their old rotted wood posts torn out and replaced. We replaced them with high quality structural fiber glass posts. We also wrapped the beam with Azek, which is a high quality, zero maintenance vinyl product

This customer wanted a roof extension over their porch that also would fit their developments building requirements. We used color match asphalt shingles to match the house.

One of the perks to working with us is that we can completely customize each project to fit whatever needs you may have!